Occupational Training

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All Pioneer occupational training programs are developed for graduates from our Roadmap to Success training program.

Manufacturing Academy

This training program provides pre-apprenticeship training to men and women interested in manufacturing. This course offers the basics in manufacturing and safety to better position candidates for entry-level positions. Adults participate in an 8-week course, while juveniles go through a 12-week program. The Academy uses an accredited curriculum sponsored by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) and all graduates receive the following certificates:

  • Basic Manufacturing
  • LEAN
  • Forklift Driving
  • Flagger
  • First Aid/CPR
Food Services Training

The program focuses on teaching the specific culinary skills needed to work in a food services position.  Students receive hands-on training to master skills for planning and preparing food for a restaurant, caterer or commercial kitchen.

All students must be graduates of Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success training program and be referred by a staff member.  Students have the option to choose one of the following training program tracks that fits best with their needs.

  • FAST TRACK – a four-week, 120-hour course for individuals that needs a short-term temporary work environment while performing job search activities.
  • HALF PROGRAM – an eight-week, 240-hour course for students in need of a more supportive training environment. Students may be eligible to receive college credits in this course and have the opportunity to take the exam for a ServSafe certificate.
  • FULL PROGRAM – a 12-week, 360-hour training program for students pursuing a career in the food service industry. The course covers everything from slicing techniques to menu planning and production sheets. Students in this program are expected to complete every training module and take their ServSafe exam.

All applicants must be graduates of our Roadmap to Success training program to be eligible for any of our occupational training programs.



For more information, please email us at Pioneertraining@p-h-s.com, or give us a call at 206-768-7333.