Chris, Apprentice 1 – Pioneer Industries

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I am getting serious here. I plan to not only finish the four-year AJAC journeyman program, but I am going after the fifth year tool and die program also. The more I learn – the more I want to know.”

That hunger for learning is quite a change from the young Chris who dropped out of school after the 7th grade. After getting the news that his father was shot and killed, Chris and his brother started to spend more time on the streets and fell into a crowd that taught them about survival and gangs. After multiple arrests for charges that ranged from assault to burglary, and being shot several times himself, Chris was growing weary of his lifestyle but was caught in the downward spiral. When he violated his last probation he was incarcerated for eight years and decided he needed to change.

After serving his sentence, he was released to the King County work release where his case manager introduced him to Pioneer. He called every day trying to get hired in a manufacturing position and was accepted into the Roadmap to Success training program. Upon his graduation he was hired at Pioneer Industries, and within eight months he was promoted to a tech 2 position.

Recently, at plant 1, Chris took on the project of building a tool crib space to organize all the drills and tools needed for specific jobs on the CNC mills. The project helped to increase his knowledge of all the tools available when working on a CNC mill.

When I heard I got in the apprenticeship program I felt really grateful. The program is tough but I can handle it. Next year I am going to be a father for the first time and I wanted to feel proud of what I am doing in life. This program has put me on the fast track and I’m ready.”